“Life is fleeting and transient – live the moment“

Barbara Brown began her journey as a photographer while studying physics at the University of Tasmania.  It wasn’t until retirement from her professional career as an Environmental Advisor approached, that she made a conscious choice to seek out photographic workshops, seminars and mentoring to expand her knowledge and techniques.  Fortunately she is now able to travel and immerse herself in other cultures; observing environments, their history and lives captured through the lens of her camera. By combining strong composition, socio-environmental content, and a journalism style, Barbara creates images that broaden the mind and touch the soul.  She is drawn to the elements that combine to create the whole, rather than grandscapes.   

Major Awards

2018 WA AIPP Emerging Photographer of the Year
2018 Australian Epson Signature Worthy Award
2017 AIPP Australian Emerging Photographer of the Year
2017 WA AIPPA Highest Scoring Print


Echoes of the Past – A Photographic Essay of Present Day Chernobyl